Plans for the Blog and the Future

Hi everyone!  I don't know if I have any readers left out there after this past nearly three years of nearly no posts.  Life has been so full and so nuts and so crazy and so good and so shocking, at times, that I hardly know where to begin. 

All the kids finally in school this'd think I'd have more time to do stuff like...oh you know, BLOG and keep my house clean and things like that.  But nooooooooooo...since the beginning of the year, while attempting to get my art business off the ground (and it's going great, when it's going!) I've spent the entire year either taking care of sick people, or being really quite ill myself.  It has literally been one thing after another all year long.

Anyway, hopefully, we are coming to the end of the sick season.  Not that I don't have anything healthwise going on, of course -- big news coming, in fact -- but HOPEFULLY we can get feet on the ground and get some things accomplished.

In the meantime, I've had a lot of practice at keeping things running under unusual circumstances, and I'm preparing to share some of that with you over the next few months.

Some things I'll be sharing:

American and Amish recipes for the Thermomix! (expats take note!)
Trim Healthy Mama recipes for the Thermomix! (THM-ers take note!)
Freezer-to-Crockpot recipes even MORE SIMPLE and LESS SPACE-CONSUMING and LESS EXPENSIVE than ever!  Not to mention tastier, whole-foodier, more convenient! (busy moms take note!)
New knitting patterns with emphasis on boys (ever notice the dearth of really cute boy knitting patterns out there? )
And more....
Stay tuned!

Hi all! 

Sorry again again again for the long break (again).

Yes, I'm still doula-ing in a very mild sort of way.  I am not in a great stage of life to be attending births, with all the little ones at home I still have to attend to and can't be away for a day or two at a time.  So I keep it strictly to volunteer work as necessary.  I'm taking a little break this term from all things birth due to some personal reasons.

I do have something COMPLETELY new going on now though.

Please come over and check it out!


Doula Love

I know that I said I've been busy.  It's true.  I was going to come back sooner and tell you what I was up to, but then, I was...too busy.  :)  I'm starting to get a grip, or at least not care as much about the minors while I'm sorting out the majors.  So I'm ready to talk a little about what's going on.

Our youngest started school this year, part-time, and will go full-time next year.  We got settled into our house and neighborhood, and as soon as things began to normalize, I knew that I had to get Out Of The House.  I'll talk more about that later, but I should probably talk to a therapist first ;).  In any case, I began to search for things that interested me intellectually, spiritually, and physically.  I just couldn't do one more week of dishes, laundry, cooking, cleaning with nothing else going forward. 

One of my lovely cousins began to study doula work.  Because of my close acquaintance with many large/homeschooling/alternative families, I was aware of what a doula does, but had not really considered it as a vocation myself.  The more I thought about it, the more I could see how my own experiences, in difficulty and joy, could be of use to someone who has yet to experience the building of their own family.

 Many people in our city are away from their families of origin, and that is extremely hard to cope with when building your own young family.  Also, many women just need a little extra, knowledgeable support as they bring children into the world and begin their individual journeys of motherhood.  I decided to look more into doula perinatal support, and when I realized how well it fit me, I quickly signed up for training.  I also began volunteering my time to work with women in crisis during pregnancy and after birth.  I fell head over heels in love with that work and as I did so, I felt even more determined to continue in this field, in education and practice. 

At the moment, I'm doing online coursework with an international doula certification organization, and hands-on training with a local group.  I've met such an interesting and varied group of women who have chosen to follow this line of work.  I'm still volunteering only, and will be doing so until next year when I have larger chunks of time to organize for work purposes. 

It is so good to have a direction.

I made this locket to wear to doula training on the weekend. It felt really special putting it together. Doula work is all about supporting the mother and family during the transitional time of childbirth and adding a new member to the family. For this locket I chose charms representing childbirth (unfolding rose), caring for the mother (teacup), the family bond (heart), power, perseverance, patience and protection (turtle), awareness of the plight of unborn girls (baby girl hands), and three birthstones for my daughters, for whom this work becomes important to me.

This is a really wonderful time in my life, for so many reasons.  While a lot of responsibilities have been added to my plate, even more weight has been taken off my shoulders.  I'll talk more about that later, as it relates to home schooling and the SAHM.  Both of which I support :) but there is a time and a place for everyone.  Blessings!
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