He's Here!! He's Here!!

Our little Toby is here! Officially, he's Tobin James, 6lbs 13oz, born at 5:01am on November 5 (last Sunday morning).

Birth Story for those who are interested:

Spent Saturday cleaning and finishing up a couple of freezer meals. Hubby went to work in the afternoon. It was just an average sort of day -- nothing happening. I sat down to write down cooking directions for the freezer meals, and hubby walked in the door at about 11:00. He wanted to know if I was heading for bed, but I thought I would finish what I was doing first. 15 minutes later, I had the first contraction that made me think, "Was that a contraction?" Within another 15 minutes I was pretty sure (but still thinking it might just be Toby having his normally painful active time.)

Called the midwife at the hospital and she agreed that since it was my 4th, I ought to come in and be checked. I hadn't stopped to time the contractions or anything-- called my mom to see if she could come and stay with the kids overnight -- so on the 15 minute ride to the hospital I was surprised to have 4 contractions.

The midwife checked me and found I was not effaced or dilated. Fortunately she did find that the baby was low and in good position for delivery.

3 hours of walking the hospital floors later, I finally decided I was tired and went to lay down. The contractions basically slowed right down and I was afraid that they'd send me home and I'd have to start all over again! So I decided to get up. Well, the change in position immediately gave me a huge contraction and my water broke. I was 5 cm dilated -- and baby was born 20 minutes later.

It was the easiest labor and the most painful delivery.

But, we're all home now, and he's feeding and sleeping quite well. He gained half a pound between Tuesday and Friday. So we are all thankful!

We are SOOOO grateful to God for the safe arrival of our new soft, fuzzy, cuddly, sweet little one!

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