My Favourite Things Part 2

The house is peaceful and quiet after a day of visiting with my sister and her three precious children -- the youngest a baby just six weeks old. I'm so grateful for the gifts of my two sisters! I moved out of home and overseas before they (or I) had reached adulthood. I didn't move back until we all were married, and two of us with children -- 10 years later. So there was a lot of time to make up, to get to know and love each other. And we did, and we do. So very much.

This beautiful arrangement was made by my sister Hannah and given to me for Christmas. The picture does not do it justice.

A personalized wall hanging designed, made, and given to me for Christmas a couple of years ago, by Deb.

Here is a heartwarming set of love-gifts from several family members! The doll, made and given by our Mamma. The wooden shelf, designed, made and given by our Dad. The two adorable purses (green -- mine; yellow -- Miss Rose's) were designed, constructed and quilted by the oh-so-talented Deb.

The Mamma who planted the seeds of home-grown gifts in her girls made this quilted wall-hanging for Christmas one year.

Passing on that seed to the next generation is easy! This artwork was all done by my two children. It will be displayed wherever we live. It is just beautiful.

A surprise gift star-mobile planned, made and given by Miss Rose to little Toby soon after he was born.

And the precious gift-children God has given me -- the picture is my favorite and was taken by a sweet lady who was just starting out in business for herself. She had a little shop at the markets, and spent a great deal of time and care getting everything just so, for my children.

Unfortunately her shop and everything in it burned down not long after this photo was taken.

I am so sad I did not keep her details -- but if she somewhere, sometime, sees this photo -- thank you so much
it means so much to me
and wherever I am, this photo will be.

God willing.
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