Smokehouse Salad Recipe

Smokehouse Salad

Prepare sturdy salad greens

A generous amount of:

onions (green, red or white), sliced thinly;
red ripe tomatoes;
bacon, fried crispy and chopped;
hard boiled eggs -- enough per person.

Add cheese or whatever else you like in a salad. I added cheese since this was a main dish salad.

Smokehouse Dressing:

Mix well:
2 TBSP (Aus -- equiv 8 tsp) brown sugar
2 tsp boiling water to dissolve.
Add :
2/3 cup of egg mayonnaise, 3 TBSP (60 ml) milk and 1 tsp liquid smoke flavouring.

After this, you may have other salads, but this is the one you will be thinking of, forevermore.

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