After being "undecided" as to whether or not to celebrate Halloween this year, we finally decided to join the fun.

Grandma made and delivered these cute cookies.

I made Joman's sandwich costume, out of tissue paper, butcher paper, twine, and a cardboard box. Can you tell?

The other costumes are up to 12 years old, and saved. Baby's was purchased by Grandma S. for the first baby we lost, before conceiving Miss Rose. I'm glad we saved it all this time. Jr Spragus' costume was made for Joman when HE was three years old. Mammam made Miss Rose's costume several years ago as a Christmas present. It used to be big on her! She's such a young lady now, she wore REAL PANTYHOSE with it.

There were SO many children out and about. We set chairs at the end of the driveway with our jack-o-lanterns lit; big bowl all ready with candy to hand out. Lots of nice little kids, with nice friendly parents.

Do you see mamma's little treat?
Coming to live with us on Monday :-)
It was great getting to meet some of the neighbors we hadn't met yet, and their kids; we discovered that an old friend from high school is living just a few doors down with her hubby and four children. Our next door neighbors saved some special presents for our children -- some books and coloring books; and their son who lives with them, and who keeps a wonderful garden, gave us all the green tomatoes he had, since it will frost this week and end the season.

The deer came out to see the fuss and to visit the neighbor-across-the-street's vegetable garden while they are away in California; the police were patrolling the streets in their cruisers and handing out candy (which my children were really impressed with.)

I made some spiced apple cider, which we brought out in a big red pot and shared with our grown-up neighbors.

It was a good, neighborly sort of night and I'm so glad we participated, after all.

A Halloween Project for Jeremy

Fall Fun

The kids are planning to trick-or-treat, although we do not have a costume for Josiah yet.

Here are a few pics:


I noticed today that Miss Rose and Joman were trying to impress their cousin with newly-learned magic tricks they've been working on with our homeschooled neighbor-across-the-street. I don't know if he was impressed, but Jr Spragus was.

This evening, Jr helped himself to a mouthful of mini marshmallows. "I got 'em marshmows!" he announced.

"Where are they now?" asked Daddy?

"Behind your ear!!" says Jr.


This morning I woke up at a reasonable time. Daddy wanted to take the older three to Sunday School, so he did. I was to join him for church later. I don't know exactly what happened, but I ended up at the mall. I had to return some shoes. Which I did. I bought a different pair to replace them and then backed that up with a second pair, just in case.

pair 2
I also bought a pair of pants, six pairs of socks and a non-nursing bra. Woo hoo.

When I arrived at home, it was to an interesting scene. My nephew had come to spend the day while his parents were at a football game, and hubby had taken them for a walk down the rain-soaked, muddy creek. Cousin fell in. Miss Rose followed immediately afterward. (Joman drily noted that perhaps Cousin should not have worn that "Falls Creek" jacket.)

So hubby was at home, in the aptly-named mudroom, washing two sets of clothes and muddy shoes, in a mess of muddy footprints.

As I entered the house, through the kitchen and into the dining room, I came across the ever-opportunistic Jr Spragus who, spoon in hand, was digging into a large bowlful of freshly poured chocolate chips. With a tasty garnish of vanilla wafers.

Oh boy.

Soon after we sorted that pair of messes out, we decided to all grab some lunch at Arby's
(where, incidentally, they are celebrating "National Drive-Thru Month") and head back to church for the fall festival which was on for the kiddos. Apparently there was also a potluck dinner which somehow we had not known about. Anyway, the festival was fun. There must have been 60 kids there, and all the moms and dads. A pinata, corn-hole games, other tossing games, a big bonfire in the woods behind the church (very scenic!), face painting, oh yes -- and this neat little game of 10-pin-bowling someone had made, using tall squash for the pins and a small pumpkin for the ball. Tee hee.

The boys got together a rousing gridiron football game, and the girls were doing some Indian princess thing or the other (okay I was being seriously distracted by my two littles at that point so I really have no idea what the olders were doing after a while).

Then, the potluck, and they had instruments and what looked like skit props set up, too.

However, in the meantime, Jr Spragus and Baby had reached melting point, so we went home and lit a fire in the fireplace.

Which is where we are now.

I noticed today that Miss Rose and Joman were trying to impress their cousin with newly-learned magic tricks they've been working on with our homeschooled neighbor-across-the-street. I don't know if he was impressed, but Jr Spragus was.

This evening, Jr helped himself to a mouthful of mini marshmallows. "I got 'em marshmows!" he announced.

"Where are they now?" asked Daddy.

"Behind your ear!!" said Jr.


Oh I also overheard this conversation at church:

Boy to Mom: "Mom, is Jello 'salad'?"

Mom: "Yes, it is. You can put fruit and stuff in it too."

I found this hilarious, and those of you who know what I mean, will too.

Bananananananananananananana! Batman!

Yesterday, there were banana trees on my street. In Ohio.

Today, the banana trees were gone. Every single last one of them.

Sorry the pic is so itty bitty. I didn't take this pic. This is one of the banana trees I told you about.

Is it possible I caught the culprit in the act yesterday?

Suspicious, no?

Oh Yes, And Then There's Jr Spragus

I forgot this bit about the Creation Museum.

This is a bit of review from the Maxwells' blog:

For those families who are as conservative as we are, I have a few additional comments. The Planetarium was fantastic. We did not go to the Men in White or the Dragon video. We did go to the Second Adam video at the end. In this video, Jesus is clearly presented as the Perfect Sacrifice, but it was too graphic for us, and so we just closed our eyes for a little while.

Now, we also sat through the Second Adam video. At the parts where the lovely Maxwell family closed their eyes, Jr. watched carefully and had one comment to make. Loudly. From the back row.


We are trying to raise our kids right, truly, we are.
Today we went to the Creation Museum. It was seriously, very cool. It was cool in such a way as to make it hard to take pictures. (There are lots of pics and some display tours on the site.)

I liked the Garden of Eden walk-thru display.
Adam and Eve had a very nice, relaxing, fun life. I didn't get photos, but this whole area was filled with beautiful flowering "plants", as we walked under "trees" dripping with "fruit."
You know what's coming.After this scene, where Eve is giving Adam some small fruit, there is a long tunnel -- with images of just about every awful thing that has happened on earth since that time flying around you as you pass through.

The contrast between Eden and earth now was more startling and shocking than you would think. Famines, wars, holocausts, slavery, abortion, and every sort of evil -- scenes inside houses where the Bible has been thrown out, and in churches where the Bible is discredited.

It's very disturbing after the Garden of Eden. It makes you really want to have no part of evil, when you see how disastrous and awful it is.

Noah's Ark exhibit was also really informative and interesting.

We liked the animatronic dinosaurs and the professional displays.

We were surprised by the beautiful botanic gardens on the property! It was cold and drizzly, but we couldn't resist a walk around the gardens.

I must say that the mysterious banana trees also appeared in this garden (not in photo, however). I do believe there is something going on.

In a marshland setting, several varieties of these carnivorous plants were thriving. It was fun for the kids to see that.
Here is a link to a much better, more informative description and review than I have just given. Surprisingly, the author says much the same as I just did, only better. Read it!


This just in:

This is a map of the center of population of the United States.

You can see, in 1880, the center of population was in Miami County, Ohio.

However, the plaque in the previous post is located in Boone County, Kentucky.

Now I can tell you for durn sure that these two locations are more than "a few hundred yards" apart in distance.

Tax dollars at work?


I ask you.


Today we went to the post office. While pulling up outside, I spotted this: This person is toting a banana tree.

Now this is a great mystery to me. Just up the street from us is a whole row of houses, verged with banana trees.

This person needs to buy a van.

Lastly, your tax dollars at work:

It will be on the test.

Yes, You Can Share My Day

Sooooooo.....guess what I did today?

I wondered to myself, "Gee, self, I wonder if the whole house is still a mess?

Can this house can be cleaned in a day?

I started cleaning at precisely 1:04pm.

Finished our room at 1:20 pm.

Baby's room. Started at 1:51 after making and eating lunch (tuna noodle casserole).

Changed sheets, dusted, tidied, fixed drawers, swept and mopped.

Finished at 2:02pm.

Aaaaargh. The computer room. I've been avoiding this one for some time. It's full of things like papers and boxes and office-y stuff and documents and cords and wires. And shoes. And droopy-diapered three-year-olds. Without pants.

Started at 2:06pm.

It's 2:38pm.
Bathroom. That's a breeze. Started at 2:46.
I didn't clean this room :-)
Or this one :-)

Meanwhile, I took all the stuff downstairs, vaccuumed the stairs and hallway, polished the banisters and woodwork, swept and mopped the downstairs hallway and entry.

It's 4pm.

It's worse than it looks.


It's 4pm.
Between 4pm and 6:50 pm.
The children were outside playing.

Started at 9:25 pm, after dinner was cooked, eaten, and cleaned up.

Tidied, polished, vaccuumed.

Finished at 9:40.
Laundry Room/Mud Room.

The clothes are from several boxes that were given to us for the little boys; which I was sorting, and left overnight.
The books are from seven boxes of books I had sent to myself from Australia, and which had all arrived at once.

Started at 9:48pm.

Finished at 10:40. That was a lot of work.

There are still another bedroom, two bathrooms and the sunroom/schoolroom uncleaned.

First though, Mt Laundry needs folded.

Daddy had come home sometime after 9pm, put all the kiddos to bed, and helped me with Mt Laundry.
It's all folded now -- finished at 11:16pm.

With four rooms yet to touch, I give up. It's not going to happen today.

Is it possible to clean this house in one day?

Betcha I'll get plenty more chances to try.
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