Brrr! It's chilly! It's been chilly all day. Miss Rose was loving the cooler weather though and was begging to play outside. It was such a change, to see her running around out there in long jeans and a hooded sweatshirt, hood pulled over her head!

One benefit to doing the chores is that I get to stand by windows and look out at the wonderful yard. Yesterday I saw doves, robins, blue jays and cardinals -- and a lot of squirrels.

Today, guess what I saw as I was folding laundry in the bay window? A beautiful red-headed woodpecker.

Tonight I took some books back to the library, and dashed into the thrift store, where I lucked out!:
When I came home, Daddy and the children were having a great time. The house was quiet and dark, except for voices coming from the stereo.
Here they all were, with hot chocolates and marshmallows, curled up in front of the first fire of the season -- lights out, snuggly and warm -- listening to the Focus on the Family The Magician's Nephew from the CS Lewis Narnia Series.

I'd say that was a pretty decent way to end the day.
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