The House Is Ours!

Wednesday we met the lovely people who owned this house. It was such a sweet afternoon, enjoying their company, and what a nice way to sign paperwork! Now we are the proud owners.

Wednesday night, we took the kids to AWANA at the Baptist Church in the neighborhood. Gee, that is a HUGE building! The people were very nice, neighborhood people.

Yesterday we had the chimney swept.

I bought a sewing machine.

Last night, Joman had soccer. He got the only goal but his team lost. He has scored all three goals in the last two games.

Last night we had severe weather and the sirens went off, but fortunately it was only a "severe thunderstorm/tornado watch" alert, so we didn't have to get the kids up and take them down under the stairs. Urk.

I guess that's it for now.
eta: Joman scored all of the last 5 goals of the season. Way to go, Joman!
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