It Must Be Fall

Fall was a spectator sport today.
Something unusual was going on just outside the front window.
Ou perfectly spaced hammock trees were dead and under risk of falling down in a storm.
I have never seen Baby as excited as he was when that first tree came crashing down in a pile of dust. He growled like a chainsaw and re-enacted the fall with his two little arms.

Jr Spragus was concerned for the safety of the tree guy. He kept calling out, "Come down, guy! Come down! You fall!"
The tree guy did not listen.
And the second tree came down much like the first, in a cloud of dust and debris.
As exciting and loud and scary the day began, it ended peacefully and tidily. The tree guys cleaned up all the trees magnificently and stacked the wood neatly back near the bunny homes. Later in the day, a mama deer, with her two babies, came to see the change. The hammock-hooks were saved, as the stumps were left about 7 feet tall. Perhaps some lovely birdhouses to sit atop, in the future; perhaps a trellis for some wisteria and morning glories.

Not this season though; those things will have to wait for spring.

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