The Last Day of Summer

I think we can feel confident in saying that today was the last day of summer.
The light of the day is autumnal in spite of the heat. It was, today, a peaceful and benign day, as though summer, realizing his age, exhaled a weary breath at the prospect of, finally, retiring.
For those of us in the house, however, work needed done.
It was my turn to clean the kitchen.
Miss Rose's job today was to clean up the sunroom.
Joman was responsible for sweeping up the dining room after meals; and cleaning the front living room.Jr Spragus was in charge of dusting. Jr Spragus is a super duster.

He's Thorough.

He's Super Fast.
He Dusts Up.

He Dusts Down.
He Don't Take No For An Answer.
Baby is wise to find his own space when Jr Spragus is dusting. Fortunately we spotted him in here before Jr Spragus did.

After our work was done, we got to relax.
Well done, Miss Rose, Joman and Jr Spragus.

We celebrated the end of summer in the best possible way:

Three had a scoop of Buckeye Blitz; two shared a scoop of Strawberry; and one had Chocolate Chip .
Everyone was very happy.
This is a gratuitous photo for Deb.
Love you!
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