This morning I woke up at a reasonable time. Daddy wanted to take the older three to Sunday School, so he did. I was to join him for church later. I don't know exactly what happened, but I ended up at the mall. I had to return some shoes. Which I did. I bought a different pair to replace them and then backed that up with a second pair, just in case.

pair 2
I also bought a pair of pants, six pairs of socks and a non-nursing bra. Woo hoo.

When I arrived at home, it was to an interesting scene. My nephew had come to spend the day while his parents were at a football game, and hubby had taken them for a walk down the rain-soaked, muddy creek. Cousin fell in. Miss Rose followed immediately afterward. (Joman drily noted that perhaps Cousin should not have worn that "Falls Creek" jacket.)

So hubby was at home, in the aptly-named mudroom, washing two sets of clothes and muddy shoes, in a mess of muddy footprints.

As I entered the house, through the kitchen and into the dining room, I came across the ever-opportunistic Jr Spragus who, spoon in hand, was digging into a large bowlful of freshly poured chocolate chips. With a tasty garnish of vanilla wafers.

Oh boy.

Soon after we sorted that pair of messes out, we decided to all grab some lunch at Arby's
(where, incidentally, they are celebrating "National Drive-Thru Month") and head back to church for the fall festival which was on for the kiddos. Apparently there was also a potluck dinner which somehow we had not known about. Anyway, the festival was fun. There must have been 60 kids there, and all the moms and dads. A pinata, corn-hole games, other tossing games, a big bonfire in the woods behind the church (very scenic!), face painting, oh yes -- and this neat little game of 10-pin-bowling someone had made, using tall squash for the pins and a small pumpkin for the ball. Tee hee.

The boys got together a rousing gridiron football game, and the girls were doing some Indian princess thing or the other (okay I was being seriously distracted by my two littles at that point so I really have no idea what the olders were doing after a while).

Then, the potluck, and they had instruments and what looked like skit props set up, too.

However, in the meantime, Jr Spragus and Baby had reached melting point, so we went home and lit a fire in the fireplace.

Which is where we are now.

I noticed today that Miss Rose and Joman were trying to impress their cousin with newly-learned magic tricks they've been working on with our homeschooled neighbor-across-the-street. I don't know if he was impressed, but Jr Spragus was.

This evening, Jr helped himself to a mouthful of mini marshmallows. "I got 'em marshmows!" he announced.

"Where are they now?" asked Daddy.

"Behind your ear!!" said Jr.


Oh I also overheard this conversation at church:

Boy to Mom: "Mom, is Jello 'salad'?"

Mom: "Yes, it is. You can put fruit and stuff in it too."

I found this hilarious, and those of you who know what I mean, will too.

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