Today we went to the Creation Museum. It was seriously, very cool. It was cool in such a way as to make it hard to take pictures. (There are lots of pics and some display tours on the site.)

I liked the Garden of Eden walk-thru display.
Adam and Eve had a very nice, relaxing, fun life. I didn't get photos, but this whole area was filled with beautiful flowering "plants", as we walked under "trees" dripping with "fruit."
You know what's coming.After this scene, where Eve is giving Adam some small fruit, there is a long tunnel -- with images of just about every awful thing that has happened on earth since that time flying around you as you pass through.

The contrast between Eden and earth now was more startling and shocking than you would think. Famines, wars, holocausts, slavery, abortion, and every sort of evil -- scenes inside houses where the Bible has been thrown out, and in churches where the Bible is discredited.

It's very disturbing after the Garden of Eden. It makes you really want to have no part of evil, when you see how disastrous and awful it is.

Noah's Ark exhibit was also really informative and interesting.

We liked the animatronic dinosaurs and the professional displays.

We were surprised by the beautiful botanic gardens on the property! It was cold and drizzly, but we couldn't resist a walk around the gardens.

I must say that the mysterious banana trees also appeared in this garden (not in photo, however). I do believe there is something going on.

In a marshland setting, several varieties of these carnivorous plants were thriving. It was fun for the kids to see that.
Here is a link to a much better, more informative description and review than I have just given. Surprisingly, the author says much the same as I just did, only better. Read it!
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