Visiting With Grandma and Papa Chuck

First, some photos for Deb:

Today we had a really nice, pleasant, relaxing day lovin' on some grandies.

I wish I had thought to take some photos on the way. It's not really a scenic breathtaker, the drive between the two cities; it's kinda flat and not too exciting; but it's so homey. Rows and rows of dry corn stalks; white farmhouses with huge white barns; homes facing the freeway decorated with pumpkins and scarecrows and sheaves of corn; little white garages remodeled into little white shops; and the further from home we went, the greener the grass grew. Sunny, warm, balmy, smooth-traffic driving.

Two brand-new teeth! All the better to eat that baked potato with.

Wendy's kids' meals are nice. Jr Spragus had chicken nuggets, chocolate milk, mandarin oranges, and a snake.
Miss Rose and Joman enjoyed fresh deli turkey sandwiches and mandarin oranges. And snakes.

Papa Chuck was sitting in his comfy chair in the garage, waiting for us to arrive. He seems very happy and content, being looked after extremely well by Grandma.

Of course, Papa Chuck had all the right stuff to make immediate and permanent friends with Jr Spragus. Jr Spragus thought Papa Chuck was A-OK.

Baby was a little (okay, a lot) aloof at first. But Grandma knew just the right way to win his little heart, coaxing a smile with a beautiful Noah's Ark snowglobe.


Grandma and Papa Chuck have the advantage of living behind a church with a playground, so the children were able to swing and slide for a good long time.

I think they really enjoyed themselves.

Needless to say, it wouldn't be Grandma's house if there were not pie involved, and today's offering was a fragrant, tasty, pumpkin pie.

Thanks Grandma. It was delicious, and lovely to spend the day with you and Papa Chuck.
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