Yes, You Can Share My Day

Sooooooo.....guess what I did today?

I wondered to myself, "Gee, self, I wonder if the whole house is still a mess?

Can this house can be cleaned in a day?

I started cleaning at precisely 1:04pm.

Finished our room at 1:20 pm.

Baby's room. Started at 1:51 after making and eating lunch (tuna noodle casserole).

Changed sheets, dusted, tidied, fixed drawers, swept and mopped.

Finished at 2:02pm.

Aaaaargh. The computer room. I've been avoiding this one for some time. It's full of things like papers and boxes and office-y stuff and documents and cords and wires. And shoes. And droopy-diapered three-year-olds. Without pants.

Started at 2:06pm.

It's 2:38pm.
Bathroom. That's a breeze. Started at 2:46.
I didn't clean this room :-)
Or this one :-)

Meanwhile, I took all the stuff downstairs, vaccuumed the stairs and hallway, polished the banisters and woodwork, swept and mopped the downstairs hallway and entry.

It's 4pm.

It's worse than it looks.


It's 4pm.
Between 4pm and 6:50 pm.
The children were outside playing.

Started at 9:25 pm, after dinner was cooked, eaten, and cleaned up.

Tidied, polished, vaccuumed.

Finished at 9:40.
Laundry Room/Mud Room.

The clothes are from several boxes that were given to us for the little boys; which I was sorting, and left overnight.
The books are from seven boxes of books I had sent to myself from Australia, and which had all arrived at once.

Started at 9:48pm.

Finished at 10:40. That was a lot of work.

There are still another bedroom, two bathrooms and the sunroom/schoolroom uncleaned.

First though, Mt Laundry needs folded.

Daddy had come home sometime after 9pm, put all the kiddos to bed, and helped me with Mt Laundry.
It's all folded now -- finished at 11:16pm.

With four rooms yet to touch, I give up. It's not going to happen today.

Is it possible to clean this house in one day?

Betcha I'll get plenty more chances to try.
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