Baby's First Birthday

On the morning of Baby's First Birthday party, Baby stayed with Grandma and Grandpa while the rest of the family attended a program with the Symphony Orchestra. We were able to sit in the second row, so Jr Spragus had a wonderful, action-packed view of the orchestra and the "dancing" conductor.

As part of the program, the orchestra played the Carnival of the Animals -- and some workers from the zoo brought out real animals featured in the music.

Once we arrived home, the party began.

We all went out for lunch. Baby loves pancakes, so, naturally, this is where we went:

Unforeseen drama: Jr Spragus had just finished decorating his face pancake. Daddy cut it up for him to eat -as Jr SCREAMED in shock!

I guess he thought it was just to look at.Yes, it's true. Poor baby did not have a cake made by mamma. Sorry, baby! Baby did not care in the slightest that his cake was not made by mamma.
Kids and cousins enjoyed the afternoon together! And then it was present time.
Miss Rose spent many hours making Baby's teddy all by herself, by hand.
Jr Spragus cranked up the engine, and Baby is off!
Kitty Caspian is a happy pressie too.
After the presents, the wrapping paper wars!And a relaxing evening begins. Some civilized by the fire;
Some trying a boomerang throw in the yard.
And a little boomerang hide-and-seek.
Another fire outside for roasting marshmallows, and, after the marshmallows are gone, for roasting graham crackers. Don't ask me, I was just observing.
Happy Birthday, Baby!

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