Native American Program; And, Why Daddy Is Afraid of Small Animals

Tonight we attended at Native American-themed educational program at a nature center nearby. Daddy used to attend all sorts of programs at this nature center -- he learned about all sorts of trees and plants and animals, and how to string a bow.

I've always wondered, after growing up with an obvious love of nature, why Daddy has a mortal fear of small animals. Squirrels, possums, raccoons, skunks -- if they need chasing, it's Mamma has to do it.

I've also always wondered what the Native Americans used instead of diapers? Especially when they had the little baby papooses, with the babies tied onto the backboards.

Well, here it is.
Native American diaper stuffing -- absorbent moss.
We learned how the Native Americans stone-ground their corn.

Miss Rose was able to try on a Native American party dress.
And practice carrying a basket of Indian Corn.

"Dis got beads on it, Mamma!"
Using pictographs (or is it pictograms?), the children were encouraged to do a little Native American journalism.

Snacks: popcorn
Sweet sassafras tea. Tastes like root beer. Jr had two.
Then, the tribal dancing.
Solving the mystery of Daddy's terror of the small animals:

Now you know.
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