Cincinnati Zoo Festival of Lights

It was a chilly night tonight. Brisk and cold, unlike Tuesday night, which was warm and misty...the night we had originally planned to go to the Festival of Lights. That night, we bundled up, rushed through a fast-food dinner, hurried to the Zoo -- only to find that the show didn't start until Thursday. Tonight. Which was chilly, brisk, and cold.

Nevertheless, we ate dinner (at home this time,) bundled up again, and headed out to the Zoo. Oh, but it was chilly! (!!)
I think this train set is the inspiration for my children's birdhouse projects in the previous post. I remember from way back, seeing these beautiful sculptures and thinking, "Someday....I'm going to try that." Well, I still haven't tried it, but the children are doing well so far on their creations.
There are another set of these at the Indianapolis Children's Museum; and another at Krohn Conservatory; as well as sets at many other locations in the USA. The creator, Paul Busse, adds such life to these railways with his creative natural-material buildings. They are patterned after real buildings; the Zoo's railway includes the Elephant building, the Reptile House, the Main Entry of the Zoo, as well as others.
The last time I took a picture of these children on this concrete camel, they were very much smaller.
The craft shop ladies couldn't get enough of my little Snowby.

Ice sculpting demonstrations.

The monkeys in the caboose.

Jr Spragus was so thrilled when he told these talking tigers his name -- and they sang him a song. "Rollin, Rollin, Rollin...keep those dogies Rollin..." (only using his name of course. LOL)

I loved the little craft shop they had. Full of reasonably priced, beautifully made, handcrafted items.
I could have done a little shopping here too....but I didn't....
Well, one little Snowby ran out of steam by 9pm, so it was time to go snuggle him up in his nice warm bed.
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