December 15th Snow and Man

December 15th started out very, very snowy. It was an Illinois snow, with giant flakes, covering the ground almost immediately.
I was supposed to be meeting at the church for a special orchestra rehearsal as we were providing Christmas music for the congregation with a choir, orchestra and all.

The night before, I had raced to the instrument repair shop to pick up my newly-rehabbed flute.

On this snowy morning, I pulled out of the garage, skidded across the driveway, and out into the street. Through one stop sign I went, with no sign of actual stopping. Slower to the next one, but alas...slid through it too. I think I am not a good snow-driver. By the time the third stop sign loomed ahead, I thought the better of trying to drive with actual other people on the road besides me, and (slowly and carefully) turned around and went home.
Approaching our own driveway with the utmost of caution, I still managed to slide within an inch of our neighbor's car. Going home was a good move.
So, while it was not the day I had planned, there were other fun things to do.
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