Gingerbread Houses and Other Treats

We built gingerbread houses at a friend's house today. Jr Spragus and I put together the simple graham cracker house above. Although Jr was not quite in agreement as to where to place the candies: Mamma wanted to place them on the little house, but Jr wished fervently to pop them straight into his mouth. "No, mamma, let's EAT them!" says he.

There was more than enough candy for both endeavours:
Our mamma-friend had baked and baked, creating enough gingerbread walls and roofs for an army. And batches and batches of fluffy royal icing.
We brought our own kit, though, so as to attempt to give her a little break...but I think at that point it was a pound to an elephant anyway.
Miss Rose and Joman's house turned out so pretty. They did have a practice on a graham cracker house first. That was not so pretty. But it did serve its purpose and the construction of the real thing was completed without a hitch.
Surprisingly, baby played well and entertained himself for quite some time before a shy little sprite came to visit with him.Some of the junior decorators are entering a competition with their houses: this one was facing the wall, so I could not get a great photo of it, but nevertheless -- can you see the bay window and the lovely architecture! This house is sitting overnight so it will be stable enough to decorate tomorrow. I think it will turn out wonderfully.And here are some of the others.
Doesn't that just make your eyes happy?
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