Jeannette's Christmas

Last night we went to Aunt Jeannette's for Christmas. Oh, I have looked forward to it for years. She has the most beautiful house, full of the most unusual and delicate antique ornaments. Every year, it seems, her house is different...a new color of paint; new upholstery; a decoration Jeannette has picked up thrifting and turned into a wonder....

I keep trying to beg one of these feather trees from her, but to no avail. I will endeavor to learn to make one, one day, as I've never seen them anywhere for purchase; and not sure I could afford one if I found it. I've loved the feather trees ever since I first saw one.Aunt Jeannette did mention that she had more bowling pins in the basement, and if I came over, she'd show me how to paint them.
Jr Spragus kept calling this "the Chrismix fire." LOL.

In attendance, besides our family, were Aunt Karen and Uncle Dave, Grandma R., Uncle Dwight and Aunt Sheila, and Rebekah and Karl with their two little girls. Beck and Karl were due to fly out from Chicago in the early morning hours, so it was the only chance we had to see them.

Representing four generations.
Be sure to ask Karl what happened to his head when he gets back. He's a bit embarrassed which makes it all the more fun.
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