A Walk in the Park

Isn't it nice when, after days of cold/snowy/rainy/icy/windy/grey/wintery weather, all of a sudden the sun comes out? Isn't it nice when the day the sun decides to come out is a Saturday when the whole family can enjoy it? Isn't it also nice when you can just forget that there are people coming for Christmas, presents to wrap, food to cook, and rooms to clean, and just get out and enjoy it EVEN THOUGH?

Yeah, that's nice.
Isn't it nice when God does little leaf-arranging?
In Ault Park, which overlooks the Ohio River and of course, the Covington foreshore, stands this funny little statue. Inscribed in Latin, I do believe...well, anyway, I was rather impressed that my children knew who these two little fellows were, what they were doing and why, and what they were famous for.
The part I don't quite follow is why Romulus and Remus have a statue in their honor in the middle of Cincinnati. Never mind, though, I rather liked it. It has a bit of unique charm, don't you think?

Another thing I like about Cincinnati is its walls. Most places you go in Cincinnati, if you see a rock wall, it will not be boring old granite or monotone sandstone. No sir. Here in Cinci we build walls with 100% fossil rock. By that I mean rock that is choc-a-bloc full of fossil ex-life.

This fantastic little brick had a sort-of-smooshed geode in there with all it's fossil friends. How's that for a rock with pizzazz?

The sunshine just gives you a little high, doesn't it? It's hard for us sandgropers to adjust to long days without it. And as a side note -- did you know it was the shortest day of the year today? Weren't we blessed to have such a rich, sunny day to offset the short daylight hours?
We thought so, anyway.
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