Miss Rose Turns Eleven

Let me tell you about this Eleven-Year-Old Miss Rose. She is a lovely girl, growing into a wonderful young lady. We are so very proud of her.

Industrious by name and nature, she is never, never idle. She teaches herself how to do many things -- sewing, crafting, drawing, music, cooking, reading, and so much more.

She is generous with her patience towards her little brothers. Hardly ever does she keep a brother out of her proximity -- she allows help from little hands when she doesn't need it; she helps her little brothers in all manners. She always knows just what to do.

Miss Rose is our organizer. She knows the date, time and place for everything.

She's pretty and sweet and oh-so-very intelligent.

We sure do love her.
Happy Birthday, Miss Rose.
Miss Rose would like to thank Aunt Hannah and Uncle Steve for the lovely gift card, with which she purchased a Native American Beading Kit; and she's already taught herself how to bead. Thank you!
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