Easter Preparation at Mamma Moey's

One of our favorite Easter preparations is to dye the hard-boiled eggs. It has been quite a few years since we've had white eggs to dye, as we weren't able to get them where we lived in Australia. Not to mention the PAAS egg dye tablets! Which bring back memories all the way from when Mamma was a little bitty girl.

Mamma also made this super-delicious super-sized Easter bun. Spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg, and studded with sultana raisins soaked in orange juice, here it is rising in the oven.
When it was baked fragrant and brown, I let it cool, and then iced it with a simple vanilla icing and dusted it with coconut. It was the best thing I ate all weekend.

Unfortunately I didn't get a photo of the finished product, although I meant to. Of course you can see it here at Rhonda's blog, since it's her fabulous recipe!
Mamma ended up staying at home Easter Sunday with a sick Baby. Poor Baby, and poor Mamma too, missing out on the Easter dinner with the family.


Anonymous said...

Your eggs look so pretty!! We had to make do with brown ones again.... love you, Han

Morning said...

We're in Australia and can't get white eggs for love or money. The next two chickens we get are going to be white egg layers we've decided, ready for Easter next year.

Larry and Deb said...

Those eggs are so pretty! My kids didn't even do eggs this year -- not that they cared, though...Oooh that big bun looks good too. Yum!

drkr said...

You had TWO Bunnies!! The Easter Bunny and the Oven Bun--ny!! Looks lovely, bet it smelled wonderful and tasted even better!

The eggs were so pretty. Hannah's were very "country" looking, almost like tea-dyed. We just can't find white ones anywhere anymore.

Be sure and check out Han's pics on FB!! Very cute!!

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