Joman's Birthday

Joman's 10th birthday landed right on Good Friday this year. That won't happen again for a very long time! Maybe not ever.

So, we had a busy weekend, but we tried to make it special for Joman anyway.
One of our traditions is to allow the birthday child to request whatever he/she would like to eat for meals that day.
Joman requested a hot brunch with sausage and pancakes. I also supplied cut fruit, orange juice and fresh-strawberry syrup from More-With-Less.

Joman chose to go to Chuck E. Cheese for his dinner meal, but for reasons many parents will understand, it was enough for Mamma simply to be there let alone capture the moment in a photo. So we will leave it up to your imaginations. :-)

Happy birthday Joman!

Mam-mam and Aunt Hannah -- we thank you most gratefully for the gift cards, which we have not yet spent. We are waiting until we can all sit down together (Miss Rose, Mamma and Joman) and spend it all at once so we can get free shipping. As soon as we purchase, we will let you know what we bought!! Thank you.
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