Spring Teaser

Over the weekend we enjoyed the warmish weather and watching the snow slowly thaw. We made a trip to the Art Museum of Cincinnati.

On the way home, we stopped at Wild Oats, a natural-foods supermarket, which just seemed to be bursting at the seams with spring. So we brought a little home with us.
Today, the sun is gloriously shining, and the birds are joyfully singing. We turned the heat down, down, down, and threw open the windows.

Our tulips blew over, but it was worth it.

Something else I worked on this weekend, a project for a friend who lost her beautiful baby Emmy. It's a contribution of a quilt square for a community-style quilt.

I hope it is meaningful for Amy and Ty. Our heart is broken for them.

Oh -- and I almost forgot -- last night I felt baby kicking, and he/she kicked my hand a few times. I'm just 16 weeks along. :-)


Shan said...

What a lovely keepsake for that dear family. You have outdone yourself on the embroidery...it is lovely.

We too like to go to Wild Oats and enjoy all the bounty it has to offer.

Have a wonderful day,
Honey Hill Farm

Larry and Deb said...

Wow, Moey, that embroidery is awesome!! I think they will love it. Great work! :-)

drkr said...

Moey, I loved the beautiful photos of the first glimmerings of spring! The quilt square is lovely. I've been praying for Emmy's family too, and feeling for them very much. I hope they will post a photo of the finished quilt so we can see how it all went together. Love you! Mammam

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