Who's That Peeking Through My Window?

We returned home from a very late lunch at the Golden Corral to find this funny face staring at us through the window! Who is here?
Mr Frosty.
Aha! Grandma and Grandpa are here with lots of fun things to do! They wanted to try some skiing on our gentle slopes. Above, Grandma gives a demo.
They brought along a sweet little antique sled, which Jr Spragus had ever so much fun in.

Joman worked up the nerve to try skiing for the very first time.

It went okay for about 2 yards.

Miss Rose skiied almost perfectly!
Everyone was having such a great time.
One of Jr's favorite pastimes is snow shoveling. If you need your walk shoveled, Jr is your man.
The snow was evaporating and melting rapidly today! But Miss Rose and Jr still were able to make some pretty snow angels.

Thanks for the fun afternoon, Grandma and Grandpa!
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