Addicts and Babies in the Morning

I can understand why my hubby says I'm quirky. I have some peculiar loves.

French guys singing with accordions. Real, authentic, twangy, wailing bluegrass. Willie Nelson. Southern gospel with little short guys singing bass so low your ears barely register the sound.

Blank paper. Oboes. Smoked oysters. Glowing fungus. Jaffa fruit cake (remember that?)

Thread, yarn, fabric, wood, paints, pencils, color, needles and hooks.

Cameras. (didn't have to say that, did I?)

But nothing bar nothing is on the love level of tea for me.

I went to the OB and as he is reading the list of vices, checking off all the ones I don't have, he got to "caffeine." I admitted my addiction to tea. I am a chain tea drinker. Our babies come out with a tan, I drink so much tea. Okay.

So, he says, "well, you probably want to cut back on that." I said, "Why, for my health or the baby's?" Because, you know, that would make a difference. Possibly. So he says, "well, the baby could come out addicted to the caffeine." To which I thought, no problem, baby won't have to go through withdrawal as long as it's breastfed....

Anyhoo, I must have looked non-convinced, because he said those foolish words: "You can drink other kinds of teas, herbal teas and such."

Dr, there is no such thing as a herbal TEA. Tea is tea. Herbal concoctions are brews. There is no comparison. You tea people know what I'm saying. Don't you.

Anyway, like any good addict, I've provided my kids with the same experience.

When the older two were little, we sometimes used to take tea on the front porch in the afternoons. Theirs, more of a cambric tea with about 20% tea, 80% milk, and a couple dips of sugar, and mine, several cups of full strength brew with a spoon of sugar and whole milk.

Anyway, poor Jr and Baby have been somewhat neglected in the culture of their tastebuds, so I thought, this morning as I was brewing my Little Yellow Pot, that perhaps Jr. would like to try.
Ahhh....see, a future tea lover. Once the intial buzz passed, Jr. behaved as any tea lover does...a civilized nibbly, and decent conversation.
Anyway...I have something to show you. I went out the other night and picked up a few paint chips for the sunroom. I was a little confused about the color. It needs to be lighter in there, since that's kind of the point of a sunroom and all, but I couldn't decide whether to stay "cool" or to warm it up with some tans or yellows.

After consideration, I thought I'd stay on the cooler side, since MOST likely, the sunroom will be used in the warmer seasons, and I'd like it to give the impression of a cool retreat from the sun.

Hence, the paint chips.

(hint: if you click on the picture, it will come up bigger and you will be able to see the subtle color differences a little more clearly. The colors are very similar!)
Tell me, which one do you like?
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