Fun For Today

Our wonderful little climber is part of the reason for this:

Being in a house so very large has its advantages and disadvantages. One advantage is that there is a lot of space in which to stash stuff that is in the way or can't be used at present.

One disadvantage is that every spare space now has a stash.

The sunroom has proved to be no exception.

This poor sunroom -- well, all the extra furniture is from our (now very bare) family room. We had to move the furniture out because Baby is a climber-and-faller. He tipped over the rocking chair, and fell off every other piece of furniture; and rather than having to chase after him every other second, we removed the furniture. To the sunroom.

But it's spring!!! And the sunroom (which at present also serves as a greenhouse for our new and spindly vegetable seedlings) could be well used for school and crafts and just plain ol' sittin' in on warm, rainy days like today.

So my pleasure today will be to make this room a little more inviting and comfortable for us all. I'm ready to get started.
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