Spring WHAT?

I swear if I see another blog extolling the virtues of spring cleaning, giving huge lists of impossibly boring tasks to accomplish, blah blah blah de blah....

I am going to scream.

Or another blog extolling the virtues of NOT spring cleaning. Why? Because some women spring clean a little bit EVERY day. Yippee. Their houses are so spotless, minus dirt in the corners and under the fridge, that they NEVER have to spring clean. I mean, if you have to spring clean, obviously you aren't keeping up with your duties as a homemaker responsibly during the year. You slacker.

Good Lord.

Save us from the homemakers.

I'm done.

BTW to all y'all out there who just can't get enough cleaning, please....I have a 4200 square foot house that really needs you. Come on by. Dig in. Not only will you have the satisfaction of making my house look better, you can also make me look bad. That's priceless, right there.

Because seriously, I have better things to do than pore over my "home management binder" for hours, drooling over the list of tasks I have to accomplish today, tomorrow and forever. I actually don't need that to make myself feel like I have a purpose in life.


Somebody has to clean, and that somebody is most likely gonna be me today, tomorrow and forever, but I jolly well plan to spend as little time as possible doing it, because.....


Vent over.
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