My Poor Deprived Homeschoolers

I know what you all are thinking. Those poor, deprived, homeschooled, overworked, older children. What with baby siblings popping out every year or two, and all that housework they have to do, and no school to go to, and all that tv they watch, and all the thumb-twiddling they have to endure, while their own plans and dreams fall by the wayside.....poor, poor children.
Well. During the school terms, these poor children attend a weekly, day-long program at this beautiful mini-farm. We will not discuss the monetary cost of this program, because money is no object here.
At the farm, our two olders learn all sorts of wonderful things. The program is Waldorf/Steiner-based, so everything they do is based on nature and natural materials.

During the year, the children make natural crafts, compose music, write stories, do research, write articles, produce a newspaper, learn old songs and their histories, hear tales from long ago, plant, harvest, and utilize their harvests, play, climb trees, eat meals together, and enjoy many other wholesome activities.

At the end of each term, the parents are invited to come and hear the songs the children have learned (a lot of Old English songs, in part-harmonies); see what they have made (anything from needle-felting to clay crafts, woodwork, silk painting, etc); and watch their plays -- the stories written and music composed and performed by them, and all the puppets made by hand, as well as the props.

(Very small note: Next to Miss Rose is "Josh." This is important info.)

Healthy, tasty snacks are eaten, spring sunshine is soaked in.

It's a day every week where the older two can really enjoy themselves, and be with their friends, and stretch their imagination and skills in a beautiful environment.

It's only going to cost them their inheritance. But we wouldn't want them to be poor, deprived homeschoolers.


We celebrated Daddy's and Jr Spragus' birthdays a little early this year as Grandma and Grandpa were heading off on a European cruise the following week.

Nobody in the whole world minds spending a sunny warm day on the deck celebrating a birthday early! Grandma and Grandpa provided the whole cookout and everyone got to relax.

Some grand games of cornhole toss were played. Grandma and Grandpa built a cornhole set for daddy, for his birthday. That was a great surprise!
Mamma slacked off on the birthday cake decorating again this year. Jr Spragus did not seem to mind. Apparently all the essential elements were there as far as he was concerned.

Present time! Thanks Aunt J, Uncle P, N & E!

Whoa. A remote control car.

Guided by a laser beam.

Stopped by a Woby.

Plant Masher coming through.

Everyone had tons of fun.

Miss Rose and her 4H Project

One of the things we did to enrich the children's educational experience this year was to join 4H. It was rather bad timing with all the other things we had lined up for the spring and summer (a trip to Missouri, organizing a retreat, and a new baby) but we attempted to get started nevertheless. Miss Rose chose a cooking project, a chicken project and a horseless horse project for this year. We had minor success with the chicken project (got the coop mostly constructed, but too late to purchase and show chickens); Miss Rose has been working on her horseless horse project, and we did get to go to a "how to show your horse" seminar; but of course the cooking is what happens most naturally around here.We took a few photos for her to put in her project file, and, well, here they are. Jr Spragus loves veggies and dip, and grilled ham and cheese. He is a ham, himself.

Baby Update

SHE'S definitely a gorgeous, chubby-cheeked little girl weighing in at approximately 2lbs 5oz.

Missouri Trip Pt 8 -- Lincoln's Tomb

Here are the photos, you can figure out the captions for yourself.

Missouri Trip Pt 7 -- Abe Lincoln Presidential Museum

Again, a fantastic place to visit. This is the most hi-tech museum I've ever been to, and in such a compact area. We'd love to visit here again when we get the chance.

Unfortunately, not a lot of photos, as I found out (after a guard hunted me down and made me delete my pics) you are not allowed to photograph the displays. Which are, naturally, excellent.

Sorry -- you'll have to check it out for yourself some time.

Anyway, here are my photos, and the LINK TO THE SITE.
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