We celebrated Daddy's and Jr Spragus' birthdays a little early this year as Grandma and Grandpa were heading off on a European cruise the following week.

Nobody in the whole world minds spending a sunny warm day on the deck celebrating a birthday early! Grandma and Grandpa provided the whole cookout and everyone got to relax.

Some grand games of cornhole toss were played. Grandma and Grandpa built a cornhole set for daddy, for his birthday. That was a great surprise!
Mamma slacked off on the birthday cake decorating again this year. Jr Spragus did not seem to mind. Apparently all the essential elements were there as far as he was concerned.

Present time! Thanks Aunt J, Uncle P, N & E!

Whoa. A remote control car.

Guided by a laser beam.

Stopped by a Woby.

Plant Masher coming through.

Everyone had tons of fun.

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