Miss Rose and her 4H Project

One of the things we did to enrich the children's educational experience this year was to join 4H. It was rather bad timing with all the other things we had lined up for the spring and summer (a trip to Missouri, organizing a retreat, and a new baby) but we attempted to get started nevertheless. Miss Rose chose a cooking project, a chicken project and a horseless horse project for this year. We had minor success with the chicken project (got the coop mostly constructed, but too late to purchase and show chickens); Miss Rose has been working on her horseless horse project, and we did get to go to a "how to show your horse" seminar; but of course the cooking is what happens most naturally around here.We took a few photos for her to put in her project file, and, well, here they are. Jr Spragus loves veggies and dip, and grilled ham and cheese. He is a ham, himself.
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