My Poor Deprived Homeschoolers

I know what you all are thinking. Those poor, deprived, homeschooled, overworked, older children. What with baby siblings popping out every year or two, and all that housework they have to do, and no school to go to, and all that tv they watch, and all the thumb-twiddling they have to endure, while their own plans and dreams fall by the wayside.....poor, poor children.
Well. During the school terms, these poor children attend a weekly, day-long program at this beautiful mini-farm. We will not discuss the monetary cost of this program, because money is no object here.
At the farm, our two olders learn all sorts of wonderful things. The program is Waldorf/Steiner-based, so everything they do is based on nature and natural materials.

During the year, the children make natural crafts, compose music, write stories, do research, write articles, produce a newspaper, learn old songs and their histories, hear tales from long ago, plant, harvest, and utilize their harvests, play, climb trees, eat meals together, and enjoy many other wholesome activities.

At the end of each term, the parents are invited to come and hear the songs the children have learned (a lot of Old English songs, in part-harmonies); see what they have made (anything from needle-felting to clay crafts, woodwork, silk painting, etc); and watch their plays -- the stories written and music composed and performed by them, and all the puppets made by hand, as well as the props.

(Very small note: Next to Miss Rose is "Josh." This is important info.)

Healthy, tasty snacks are eaten, spring sunshine is soaked in.

It's a day every week where the older two can really enjoy themselves, and be with their friends, and stretch their imagination and skills in a beautiful environment.

It's only going to cost them their inheritance. But we wouldn't want them to be poor, deprived homeschoolers.
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