To All The Flowers I've Killed Before

What a welcome you have given us this spring.
I love you. Oh yes, I do. I love how you have taken over a whole tree. So very glad to see you here.Little lily-but-not-of-the-valley. (What are these again Terry?). There are so many of you. Even someone with a thumb as black as mine surely couldn't harm you. You beautiful gaudy-bright poisonous blooms! I planted your cousin many years ago. Alas, he did not survive. Thank you for flourishing right here, where I promise to try to keep you happy.
Lovely, living lilacs. In my first house there were some such as you. In the seven years we lived there, they only bloomed once. I was so surprised to see you bursting out with joy this spring! You smell so wonderful.Wonderful, snowy trees! What are you? Veiled in white, so peaceful and gorgeous. Thank you for living in my back yard.
Cheery, waving tulips! Hello! I saw your leaves peeking through the soil weeks ago and have anticipated your arrival!
You're beautiful.Oh, yes, you are.And undoubtedly, a frenemy I could not kill if I wanted to. Amazing little seed pods that -- with the slightest touch!--release a popcorn-shoot of seeds everywhere! Popping like mad.
I'll forgive you, little popping bittercress. Because you are edible. Not that I ever plan to eat you. But if I have to, I can.
So sorry, little herbs, to keep you pining away at the window. You so want to go outside, but there is nowhere for you to go!This space is taken, and another is not yet ready!Looking forwards to warm nights to come. Marshmallows and s'mores. Fun for everyone.
Men are hard at work today, building -- what could it be?
I'll give you a feather of a hint.
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