Tongue Tied

Hi all!

So, this is a pic of me at 23 wks pregnant. I like this pic because it makes me look skinnier than I really am.

Spring is continuing to spring on us, and here are a few pics of Baby's Day Out.
Daddy and Joman have been tending to the square foot gardens -- one is planted now, and the other is still waiting until a little later in the season. We sure have a LOT of bunnies around, and no fencing we'll see what happens.

This spot I am claiming as my own. I'd like to pull up the edging, rototill the whole area between the path and the wall, pave a little area towards the middle, plop a lovely bench there, and lavishly plant up the whole area with a bright mix of perennials and herbs. The "wall" is actually a huge planter box. I think we will get some big pots of plants that will climb and/or spill over that wall, only they will need to be shade-lovers so any suggestions for this whole project are welcome. I haven't even started yet but I'll update when I do. What do you think?
And here's a project I haven't shared with you yet. I found a tutorial online showing how to fuse plastic grocery bags, by ironing them, into a thicker yet pliable plastic material that can be stitched. So I delved into our overflowing stash of grocery bags, processed them, and came up with these not-so-pretty but very satisfying totes. I was going to make cloth ones, but you can't beat free. I'll make cloth ones as these wear out, if ever they do, and if ever I get to the bottom of the huge pile of grocery bags.
Baby has a new trick. He thinks springy-dirty-outside-toes are delish.Love you all, and so glad you are here.
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