Long Time, HUH!

I just spent 30 minutes trying to get a wasp out of the living room picture window. I found out how to open the windows up the other day while cleaning up a giant bird splatter after Mr. (now-)Deceased Bird flew into my window. So, when I saw the wasp, I was going to spray it with my super high-jet wasp spray, but he was flying all around in my window herbs and since I already managed to mist them with window cleaner this morning, I figured they'd had enough, and I'd get the wasp to fly through one of the open windows.

But wasps are stupid. They aren't interested in negotiating or finding a better way. They have weapons, and that's all they need. So Mr Wasp wasn't as interested in getting out the open windows less than 12 inches from him, he just wanted to buzz around the picture window and smell my herbs.

I tried to shoo him out with an Above Rubies magazine but he didn't go for that. After I accidentally tossed said magazine out the open window, I decided to go for something longer and sturdier, and picked up the fireplace shovel. I poked at him several hundred times but he just got really annoyed, and by that time he had invited several flies to the new digs, so I was getting pretty frustrated with the whole scenario.

Then he zoomed past my head, and went out the window. Woo hoo.

Then I closed the windows, ignored the new fly zone, and went to the kitchen to make a cup of tea. But I had already made a cup of tea before I went into the living room to sit while it brewed, because I was wanting to enjoy a rest, because of these contractions, and look peacefully out the picture window.

Yeah, and the tea was cold.

So that is basically my life in a nutshell.
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