Miss Katherine Is Sad

Look how sad she is. Her chubby little cheeks all smooshed together and her sad little frown. Poor bubba.

Let me tell you how things are right now. Wednesday I went to the hospital for my twice-weekly biophysical profile. We finally passed with flying colors and I was allowed to discontinue further testing.

Thursday, I went to the OB for my regular checkup. I regained all the weight I had lost plus a pound, and my blood pressure was at pre-pregnancy normal. The lowest it's been since I've been pregnant.

Thursday after the OB appointment, I was feeling a little bit labory and decided I should probably take care of this packing business, and I need a new purse since mine is sadly falling apart. So I went to Meijer. Baby was sitting particularly strangely and I was having a horrible time trying to walk -- my back was all out of joint and I just couldn't get my left leg to work at all. So as I was hobbling around, thinking about just chucking the whole idea, and wondering about a couple contractions I was having, all of a sudden I felt a good deal of pressure...and a gush.

So I headed for the bathroom, worried it might be blood. On the way, another gush. I was a teeny bit freaked out, seeing as how I was having trouble walking and had no one with me and no phone. On the way to the bathroom I spotted a lady on her phone and I interrupted her to ask if she could please get someone to help me.

There is a lot more to this bit of the story, if I wanted to get real descriptive of the panic attack this lady was having, but I'll keep it short and just tell you that she helped me a lot and within a few minutes Tom was there.

In the meantime, I checked and the liquid was just fluid. It was NOT pee.

Anyway, so I made it home and somehow miraculously after this bit of fluid the baby settled back down into her regular spot and I could walk again, and things were hunky dory. Thought I better call the doc and see what he wanted me to do.

Long story short again, I went to the hospital about 5 hours later, with nary a contraction or leak in the meantime. I was rather hoping something would happen because I knew they would either want to induce (if they found amniotic fluid) or they would send me home (after bothering my IL's to watch children late at night.) Well, I went in, they monitored the baby -- no contractions, no dilation, and NO EVIDENCE OF FLUID.

So.....not thinking it's a huge big deal, I just went home again. Figured labor would kick in and we'd be back in there in the next few hours.

Not So.

No contractions, no fluid, no nothing. All day long. Nada.

So now it's been about 31 hours since I had the fluid leak and not a thing is happening. Of course, the docs at the hospital say there WAS no fluid leak, but I beg to differ. It's not like I haven't had both pee accidents AND water breakages and I know all you moms will agree with me that they are not the same thing.


So here we sit.

Obviously we are waiting for a thunderstorm.
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