Missouri Trip Pt 2 -- Silver Dollar City

We headed out to Silver Dollar City the day after the MOMYS retreat, and a good night's sleep at a lovely resort hotel.Silver Dollar City was one of the best things we've ever done as a family. There is so much to tell, I don't think I'm going to attempt. Maybe just a few comments on a few photos.

We'll start with a negative. The train ride. Skip it. ;-) It's a 20 minute "ride" which involves about 5 minutes of travel and 15 minutes of hokey performance, and a hold-up, and some pretty hokey storyline.

Almost every (maybe EVERY) shop, besides being full of hand-made, beautifully produced items, has a crafter-in-residence there making the things being sold. Weavers, bakers, glass-blowers, tinsmiths, woodcarvers, candy- and ice-cream-makers, you name it. Making and selling beautiful, high-quality, old-fashioned handiwork. It was the absolute highlight of Silver Dollar City.

Weaver Shop -- she makes "50-year-rugs" which are completely braided and woven, never stitched. She uses big handmade looms and strips of bright cotton fabrics. I really need to learn how to do this.

Items for sale, beyond our price range but beautifully done


The glass-blower drew big ooh's and aah's -- he was magic with that glass. We drew a big "ouch" too when Jr Spragus released the brakes on Woby's stroller, on a hill, and Woby crashed right into the achilles tendon of some poor woman standing in front.....oooops.....

The craftsmen were very good to explain everything they were doing, the history and science behind it, and to field every kind of question from all sorts of people.

The children were able to experience some historical things for themselves, in the old log cabin village.

Daily hymn-sings were conducted in this little church. There were always several people in there enjoying singing out those hymns on the old wooden pews. A huge picture window in the front of the church had a beautiful forest overlook -- it was very, very picturesque and lovely.

We took the opportunity to make the kids go to school.

The gardens were lush and gorgeous -- Missouri was somewhat ahead of Ohio at that time of year.

We managed to hit Silver Dollar City right at their Bluegrass n BBQ festival. Could not have been better timing. The food was fab (though expensive) and the music was EVERYWHERE. Bluegrass bands -- award winning groups included -- were billed all day long, one after the other, and all over the park. We really enjoyed this aspect of the trip.

There were many family bluegrass bands, and we had a great time visiting with the Farnums -- a family quite a bit like us, only more talented. :-)

The Farnums had brought along a 16yo friend who played the bagpipes for the crowd, and had a lot of useful info for enquirers.
These are the Martins, another award-winning family group.

Then there were the country n bluegrass concerts in the concert hall. Very nice.

Miss Rose and Joman learned some new skills....

We relaxed....

played in the water when it was warm enough....

Oh Yes. And then there were the rides. Did I mention the rides?

The silo pull ride was a favorite. We had to do this one LOTS of times.

Coming down....

Pulling up.....

Down......Oh, boy, was this big stuff for Jr Spragus.

One for the olders -- the toboggan ride. Before.


Did we have a great time?

You Bet.
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