I have half a mind to put the kids in school this year.

My body and brain are so tired. The kids need even more than I've been able to give them this past year and I don't know how I can possibly fit it in.

I try to keep on budget, I try to keep everyone healthy and well-fed and clean-clothed and living in something other than a pigsty, but I am not superwoman. I am sure that some people feel I'm shortchanging the kids by even attempting it.

How can I expect to keep this up all the time?

I really need a mental (if not physical) break.

Why don't I make everyone happy and just stick them in school like all the other kids? I can let their teachers decide what they can do for physical activity and see to it that they get music and art, and let their peers socialize them like "normal" kids.

Why not? That's what the school is there for, right?
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