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Since today is rather a boring day, and really, all we are doing is the general mess-making, homeschooling, cooking, eating, napping stuff -- and my big project for today is the equally boring cleaning-out-of-the-fridges-and-freezers prior to the boring grocery shop of tonight, here is a little something for your "enjoyment."

Feel free to copy and paste to your own blog, I'd love to see how yours shapes up!

From Leah at (thanks Leah!)

Aprons–y/n If y, what does your fave look like?
Yes! I have several, one of which I made, and a couple that I inherited. Generally, I don't use any of them because a.) I forget -- b.) I get too hot -- c.) I'm not really a "clothes" person; my ideal world would contain less clothes, not more. That modesty thing, though, well....I have to say, though, that if I had a few aprons like the gals at EyesofWonder, I might be inclined to wear them just to remember those ladies by.

Baking–Favorite thing to bake?
Hands down, cookies. I love to bake cookies. I love all the neat little rows of dough balls, and how they flatten, and rise, and flatten again in the oven; and how, when they come out, they smell sooooooo buttery sweet, and the edges are crispy, and the middles are fudgy and chewy before they get cold; and you can eat them about 10 seconds after they come out. Cookies are the immediate gratification of the baking world. A very close second is bread, but that only happened after I got a bread machine to do all the kneading for me.

Clothes line?
Yes. One of the first purchases we made when we moved into this house. We had a clothesline strung boyscout-style between two pine trees, but it was grimy and served as an ant-freeway; besides which, it is all the way at the other end of this Noah's Ark house, and it just wasn't suitable. I have not used the clothes line since the Princess arrived, but I will definitely get back to that before winter comes. I enjoy hanging out the clothes. Again, it's a sensuous experience for a housewife (who doesn't get out much, obviously) -- the colors of the fabric; the wet coldness; the lingering fragrance of the detergent; the SNAP of the clothes as I shake them out; the stiff raspiness of dry towels; the warm sunshine and breeze. It's only laundry, but IMHO, beats working in an office.


Donuts–Have you ever made them?
No. I have a recipe for potato donuts, but seems to me that it's rather a lot of work for something that is probably better done by Krispy Kreme.

Everyday–One homemaking thing you do every day?
Only one? Dishes.

Freezer–Do you have a separate deep freeze?
Not any more. We have two refrigerators right now, a small one in the kitchen and a very large one in the laundry/mud room. I'd rather have a deep freeze but can't justify getting rid of a perfectly good fridge; and besides, the fridge in the kitchen is too small, but a bigger one won't fit.

Garbage Disposer?
No. Not counting DH.

Handbook–What is your favorite homemaking resource?
I like many of them. Homemaking has been the single most researched item in the past couple years of my life. I like Edith Schaeffer's thoughts, ideals, and focus on nature; Flylady's practicality; Nancy Campbell's discussions on its spiritual signifance; Amanda Soule's take on including the children; Rhonda Jean for simplifying simply. Love Eyes of Wonder for encouragement.

Ironing–Love it or Hate it? Or hate it but love the results?
I don't do an "ironing day" -- I don't mind it that much but I don't want to do hours of it, as it's monotonous; so I do things as they come off the line or out of the dryer, and that way it's only a few at a time.

Junk Drawer–y/n? Where is it?
Yes, and it's in the kitchen. It collects batteries, hair combs, nail clippers, sunscreen, etc.

Kitchen–color and decorating scheme.
Haven't got to that yet. I envision red glass tile backsplashes in the kitchen, but we have yet to see. There will be no farm animals.

Love–what is your favorite part of homemaking?
Not having to "make quality time" with the kids. We are together almost all the time, so it's not an effort.

At least once a week, downstairs; not that often upstairs.

Nylons, machine or hand wash?
Ha, had to think what "nylons" were? I don't wash them, because I only ever wear them once or twice before they get holes. I almost never wear them at all.

Oven–do you use the window or open the oven to check?
Open. Half of "checking" is the fragrance of doneness, don't you think?

Pizza–What do you put on yours?
We usually do vegetarian pizzas these days, so we have tomato, onion, green pepper, zucchini, mushrooms, and-- most importantly -- about 4 cloves of freshly minced garlic.

Quiet–What do you do during the day when you get a quiet moment?
"Quiet moment." Ha ha ha.

Recipe Card Box–y/n? What does it look like?
I have two -- one is a cardboard recipe box from the dollar store, and one is the bottom half of a graham cracker box that was rescued from the recycling bin.

Style of house–What style is your house?
Noah's Ark meets Brady Bunch. (We discovered recently that our house is known on the street as "The Brady Bunch House." ROFLOL)

Tablecloths or Placemats?
Tablecloths, but I take them off when we eat because I don't have enough to replace for washing.

Under the kitchen sink–organized or toxic wasteland?
Organized. Wow, I can't believe I got to write that.

(which is just as well, because the door fell off just after I took the photo above.)

Vacuum–How many times per week?

Once downstairs, or more if it needs it; and once upstairs. Actually, less than once upstairs, but it generally doesn't need it anyway.

Wash–How many loads of laundry do you do per week?
I have no idea. Heaps. I would estimate 14.

X’s–Do you keep a daily list of things to do that you cross off?
More often, I keep a "just did" list, rather than a "to do" list. I already know what I need "to do", so "just did" feels more like an accomplishment.

Yard–y/n? Who does what?
No. I have good intentions. Daddy does it all outside.

ZZZ’s–what is your last homemaking task for the day before going to bed?
I don't have any specific thing to do. Flylady wants me to have a before-bed routine, but I don't. (Maybe I just don't want to "finish" my day?? :-) )

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