A Post Between Posts

Well, Mammam, otherwise known as drkr, was the clever winner of the dishcloth. Now she needs to send me her mailing address because I never did get that straight. PM me, Mammam! Because you are so special, I will send you my one and only KNITTED dishcloth. My one and only, because I just learned to knit, (well, I learned to knit over the two days I made the cloth, and have probably forgotten how to knit again by now, 3 weeks later :-) )

I have some photos to share with you all but just found my battery recharger, so we must all be patient while the battery charges.

In the meantime, I had the thought that I might just do a post-a-day this week. We have a beautiful life, but I don't tend to share the day-to-day events, when in the back of my mind, I'm a little afraid of doing things for the blog, instead of doing things for the love of doing them, or for the love of my family. Often when we have done something "special", it will get a photo, and naturally end up on the blog; and I can see how doing things "special" could easily seem to the children as though we're doing something "special" to blog about it.

As a matter of fact, I felt a bit bad when the children were doing something lately, something special and a little out of the ordinary, although I can't remember what it was now, and they asked if I was going to "put this on the blog." I wondered if they thought we only do nice things to put on the blog. It's not true -- we do nice things all the time, but naturally, the nicer things are more fun to photograph and talk about, and I dunno -- it felt weird to me that they asked.

Yet -- I have a fantastic overseas family who needs to be involved in our lives. They need to contact with the children and be able to see them growing up, and the fun -- and not so fun -- things they are doing.

At any rate, I'm just sort of "thinking out loud" here -- the long and short of it, is that I will try to blog each day this week so you can be with us, in the usual, normal, day-to-day.

I'll try to get photos, and I'll try not to arrange subjects to make them "pretty" -- well, I don't pose the kids anyway, but I do rearrange the food and tablecloths and whatnot, and shove the messes out of the way, and here you all are, thinking I have a neat and tidy house.

So, if you will visit with me, as things are, and naturally you will not "notice" the crumbs on the counter or the milk-spots on the floor, as you wouldn't "notice" them if you were really here -- would you? :-) Then I will visit with you and try not to stress about the fact that the crumbs never do go away, and the milkspots return within 30 minutes of the floor having been mopped, and we will all agree that this is living life with five children. :-)

I'll be back later!
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