School Starts Tomorrow

With a little encouragement from my dear hubby, I feel a lot more positive about school now.

I was feeling so discouraged and downhearted the past few days, and not at all up to the task of teaching these kids anything. But the reality is that I am much more organized than I used to be, and things are going pretty well in general.

Sometimes I don't feel supported in homeschooling, which definitely makes a tough task tougher, and the past few days I definitely felt that way. Much of it due to miscommunication. But we are sorted now :-).

Of course, this year I am adding a newborn and a new homeschooler to the mix, but I have worked out how to manage the household tasks more or less successfully. Things should be okay as long as I continue to recover from childbirth well, and as long as everyone stays healthy. I can see the balance would be easily upset.

I think we are ready, or as ready as we are going to be, to start.

Thanks for the encouraging comments, too. :-)
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