I was just looking some things up, trying to find out more about Grandma's Dunker heritage -- but, came across this interesting "review" of Grandpa's life.

Thought you might like to read it.

Max Ward Randall

When Friendships Suffer

I have been doing soooo much thinking lately. So bear with me, if there are fewer pictures than words. So much going through my mind.

And you know I don't have any friends to share with.

LOL, not true, not true.

I do want to tell you about one longstanding friendship that may not have made it through this year of, shall we say, adjustment.

This particular friend and I had been close for about 20 years. Long time, now that I think about it, although it certainly doesn't seem that long.

We had our ups and downs, along the way, and my moves from continent to continent didn't make the friendship easier.

Well, when I moved back here, almost in the same suburb as this friend, only a couple of streets away, I assumed we would resume a close relationship.

But I didn't take into account the absolute draining I would experience from the move, and how I would have to not only recognize, but FEEL my losses.

And I didn't take into account that this friend would not be able to go there with me.

And I couldn't commiserate with her problems while desperately drowning in my own. She was feeling as though she "had nothing," while I was feeling that I had lost everything. I couldn't emotionally go there for her.

So, I left off that relationship, didn't return calls, didn't make dates to get together, and haven't seen her now for a year at least.

I know she is hurt.

Now, I feel a great deal healed, and I'd like to talk to her, patch things up.

Do you think it is too late?
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