Handmade for Christmas

A book of animals -- Bert's favorite things -- by Miss Rose and Joman.
A new reversible outfit for Baby Gater.
Crocheted fruit, veg, and hot chocolate for Bert.
A hobby horse for Jr Spragus...
and felt dinosaurs.
A mobile by Miss Rose for Baby Gater.
For Joman, a Cincy Reds pillowcase. The three boys also received a "ball" cushion, each -- a baseball for Joman, a soccer ball for Jr Spragus, and a football for Bert.
And Miss Rose's surprise -- a "prairie dress" she had requested long ago, and had no idea she was receiving.

News or Whatever

Hi all! Sorry for the LOOOOONG time between posts, although it was not my fault, since I could not access my own blog there for a little while.

We've been fairly busy around here, what with all the Christmas preparations, and my parents visiting from Australia with my Grandma also visiting from Indianapolis, having returned from a long trip to Australia with my parents.

Did that make sense?

So, I've had little time to mull over my New Year Resolutions (although I did come to the realization I'd rather call them New Year Commitments, having read the new Duggar book and being impressed by the long-term success brought about through commitment-making and -keeping.) What's the difference between a commitment and a resolution? Well, to me, once you've broken a resolution (which, naturally, I will and have already,) all you have is a broken resolution. If you don't manage to do perfectly in a commitment, well, you're still committed, and so the best thing to do is to get right back on track.

So, my New Year commitments will have something to do with improving physical and spiritual fitness. I need to improve my time accountability, too.

God is good, and I learn every day to trust Him more. And I try every day to do what is right in His eyes, not caring what others think. Everything seems confusing on this earth though, with so many people claiming to know what is right and wrong, and everyone at times seeming right even with so many opposing viewpoints. Father, save us and show us the way to walk.

I'll catch up with some pictures of the holidays later.
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