Chicks and Chickies

Baby Chicks and Chicky Babies are sort of similar.
Cute, soft and fluffy, with soft little peeps and chirps.
The difference between them is, the Baby Chicks grow really fast, but not fast enough.02091035gaterchicky
Chicky Babies grow much more slowly, but still....way too fast.

Roks' World of Magic

He's Four Years Old and he has changed his name to "Roks."
He won't answer to anything but "Roks."
Magic tricks are his specialty.



That's all I can really say.

There is not one person in my real life right now who can possibly understand. So that is all anyone is going to get.

No, wait a minute. Let me just explain something.

Here I am, thinking about the state of the world and our place in it. Are we supposed to prep? Is there going to be a huge in/stagflation? Should we cash in our bucks and buy gold? Am I supposed to be concerned that the gov't is going to steal my guns and lock me up on a shackled bench? Is the church full of lost hypocritical self-loving people? (Oh, about the guns. I have a bb gun. The gov't can have it.) Am I supposed to have to think about this stuff? Is this my job?

Meanwhile, the older two need math taught to them but the baby is screaming for a feed and the 2yo is up from his nap, making a ruckus in his crib, and I'm in the middle of dishes while yet another cup of tea grows cold waiting for me to finish it, and the washer has just started churning while I realize -- I forgot to put the clothes in! and I leave the dishes to grab those clothes, including the tablecloth on the crummy table, crunching across the cereal from breakfast and bits of sandwich from lunch on the floor, realizing there is STILL a dirty diaper from a couple days ago in a plastic bag by the front door, and all the 4yo's dirty clothes laying in plain view in the destroyed living room, and the older two are singing The Star Spangled Banner AGAIN, waiting for me to get to them to teach math and the baby is still crying and how long do I have before I need to start dinner? and dangit, will these kids never do their chores or clean up their dishes after themselves? and I'm grabbing dishes, clothes, toys, tablecloths, and the baby still needs fed and math still needs taught...and I think there are kids talking to me about SOMETHING TO DO WITH CHICKENS for pete's sake

do it again tomorrow to infinity.....

and this is the good life, absent trauma, disease, gov't interference, and destruction.

God help me, I can't take it any more.

Yeah, so I ran away and came up here to tell my invisible internet friends all about it.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Miss Rose finally got to start on her 4-H project.Bert, our true animal lover, was instantly head-over-heels.Baby Gater also loved the little chickies.We chose two Plymouth Rock (barred), three Buff Orpingtons, and four Araucanas.Araucanas lay pretty blue and green eggs.
All the little chickies in the house got lots of loves today.The little chicks are only newly hatched. Already, they know how to eat and how to peck each other.
I hope they survive. Do you think they feel nervous?
How about now?


So....since my sis updated, I thought maybe I better, too.

Things are going remarkably similarly around here as they are at her place, except it sounds as though they are having a little more fun with the homeschooling than we are. We just started a new year's curriculum yesterday. It is quite intense with the olders, which makes it hard to keep the fun stuff going for the youngers.

I have been working on setting up a very nice play space for the younger children. We moved the GREAT BIG table out of the sun room, and put it back in the dining room. We took some leaves out of our dining table to make it smaller for the older two to do their school work on in the sunroom. Wow, we look like a small family eating around that giant table now.

I found a decent carpet at Kroger for $25, so I put that in the young children's play area, along with a bookshelf I bought at the thrift store for $15, and some of their handmade and natural wood toys. Aunt Jeannette gave us some sweet antique doll furniture too, and that is also in the play area. A small table and a couple of little chairs for the little boys, and my sewing table -- and the room is all set up. I just have a few more things to find homes for.

Anyway, so, that's the update. I hope to have photos for you soon, of the snow and sweet Baby Gater and some other assorted thisnthat.
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