So....since my sis updated, I thought maybe I better, too.

Things are going remarkably similarly around here as they are at her place, except it sounds as though they are having a little more fun with the homeschooling than we are. We just started a new year's curriculum yesterday. It is quite intense with the olders, which makes it hard to keep the fun stuff going for the youngers.

I have been working on setting up a very nice play space for the younger children. We moved the GREAT BIG table out of the sun room, and put it back in the dining room. We took some leaves out of our dining table to make it smaller for the older two to do their school work on in the sunroom. Wow, we look like a small family eating around that giant table now.

I found a decent carpet at Kroger for $25, so I put that in the young children's play area, along with a bookshelf I bought at the thrift store for $15, and some of their handmade and natural wood toys. Aunt Jeannette gave us some sweet antique doll furniture too, and that is also in the play area. A small table and a couple of little chairs for the little boys, and my sewing table -- and the room is all set up. I just have a few more things to find homes for.

Anyway, so, that's the update. I hope to have photos for you soon, of the snow and sweet Baby Gater and some other assorted thisnthat.
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