April Activities

Miss Rose and Joman have enjoyed learning some new skills this spring. Needle-felting is one of the activities they enjoy the most; and have invested a large proportion of their allowance money to purchase of soft, colorful wool roving, and plenty of needles.

They worked hard to make our felted family, which likes to ride around in the Steak n Shake convertible! Mamma even has wired arms to hold Baby with.
At their farm program, Joman and Miss Rose learned to make tasty, hand stretched mozzarella cheese from fresh, raw milk. One day they came home with a jar of curds, and then next day, they heated the curds, and stretched and molded them. Then we had a delicious tomato and mozzarella salad, with hot, homemade cuban bread.
Pinebox Derby at Awana. Joman and Daddy worked really hard on Joman's car, and it looked extra fine, and super fast. I am sworn to secrecy on how the car performed on the night. ;-)
Daddy was the centurion at the Easter play at church. He sang beautifully, as always.
Miss Rose and Joman in the crowd.


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