A Sunny Weekend in the Garden

It was time to work on the garden. Well and truly. And we had a gorgeous, warm, sunny weekend to do it.
The gardening season has been not extremely successful for us so far this year. The deer ate all the tulips.
We have a bumper crop of giant dandelions.
Daddy had rented a tiller a little while ago and tilled up the whole patch along the front of the house. It needed a lot of work, to dig out all the clumps of grass and weeds. So we did that first, and that pretty much took a whole day.
We had planted some perennials, such as lilacs, verbena, hydrangeas, some daisies, lavendar and a rose bush, on Friday. Then on Saturday we planted about 150 annuals.
Everybody helped one way or another.
I made a mistake by purchasing this japanese red maple to go in front of the house, by the front door. The red of the tree blended in with the red of the brick, and it was awful. But we were blessed to have another spot on the other side of the walk, where we lost a pine tree. So Daddy hacked away at years of ivy build-up and planted our little maple tree.
It was so warm and lovely this weekend that the Gater was able to wear her flowery summer dress for the occasion.
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