Better Homes and Gardens.

Don't I wish. LOL.

Anyway, here are some pics of the home and garden as it was this morning.

First bouquet of the year -- lilacs which scented the whole house within an hour or two.


I fell in love with these sweet red old-fashioned roses and had to buy them. They remind me of fairy tales for some reason. Do you like?


Joman planted two pots for me, to stand by the front door. Here is one of them. Joman really enjoyed gardening and did much of the planting.


I forget what this is called. It is supposed to be a ground cover but is very invasive and has all but swallowed up several shrubs. According to the description I found of it in a gardening book, the flowers should be cut back because they are "unattractive." I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder, because I love the flowers. They look like Queen Anne's Lace to me, only they last much longer as cut flowers.


Another plant I've drooled over, and now have in my garden. This lavendar clematis is growing up the lamp post. I have another deep purple one, which is climbing the front wall of the house.


These hostas by the front door just popped right up this year. We planted about 6 or 7 more in a shady area by the mudroom door. They are doing fantastically well, and the deer must be happy eating elsewhere, because so far they have not touched the hostas.


This looks a lot better in real life. LOL


So does this. But now you have some idea of how things are laid out. A lot of what looks like weeds, isn't -- it's ivy (foreground) or small plants. But a lot of it is weeds. We mulched, but the weeds are going to continue to be a problem.


I bought a "knockout" rose this year. Along with the rest of the city. I think they are very popular this year. Seem to do quite well with the heavy clay soil though, so I hope it's a keeper. You know these plants will all have to fend for themselves. :-)


Second bouquet of the year -- peonies for looks, lilac for scent, and that Queen Anne's Lace - looking stuff just cuz I like it. :-) This bouquet is almost a week old now, and looks well for its age, don't you think?


Oh, I almost forgot the things in the window this year. Daddy planted the pots for the window this year -- several herbs and this morning glory, which grew well from seed and is starting to flower. I've always wanted morning glories. :-)


My dear children gave me this cup-o-tea planter for Mothers Day. LOL.

Sorry for the brief descriptions on it all...but I gotta hit the sack.

Love you guys!
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