A Gift for a Friend


Remember this post?

Well, our dear friend has been faithfully delivering Panera bread and bagels as often as she has them -- usually, weekly.

I have thanked her, but wanted to do something a (very little) bit special for her, since it's Mothers' Day coming up and she has always been an example of a mothering, gentle heart, to me.

She was the first person I ever knew personally who homeschooled, braided rag rugs, made tortillas from scratch, home birthed, belonged to a food co-op....
in short, she was a whole new breed of woman to me as a young wife and new mother.

She nurtured me and was always available to help me out when I needed it. If I was sad, or hurt, her eyes would fill with tears.

Her advice and help was in action, not words.

And it still is, now, about 13 years and a lot of life-changes later.

Thankyou, M, and Happy Mothers Day!

(oh -- in the crocheted box: two crocheted dishcloths; a box of Celestial Seasonings Fruit Sampler tea; a bottle of Mrs Meyers Geranium-scented Dish Soap (smells wonderful!), and space for a jar of freshly-made, still-warm lemon curd.)
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