Happy Mothers Day

To all the mothers out there -- the ones who have borne children and the ones who have nurtured children, or teens, or adults.

Nancy Campbell says that all women have a nurturing spirit built into them by God, and unless it is corrupted or damaged, that nurturing spirit will find a way to be expressed. Thank you, women, for your mothering of the world. Pray for the right priorities to be established!

Speaking of Nancy, she recently had a severe accident to her arm and is having trouble paying the medical costs it will take to have her arm properly repaired. She has been living in pain for quite some time and is hesitant to spend the money it needs to be properly mended. If you would like to send some money to help cover her costs, here is a link to do so.

I've been thinking today about my own mother, who is very far away from me in distance, but very close in heart.

I wish her a very, very happy Mothers Day and I'd like to tell you a little bit about her as a mother. This is hard to do, because I don't want to sell her short, as I almost certainly will.

My mother was a very young mom. She was married and pregnant with me before she graduated from college. She was, and is, one of the most talented people I have ever known. I can't actually think of anyone I have ever met with more gifted ability than she has. If she puts her mind to doing something, she will do it.

And yet, with all the talent she has, she never failed to make a home for her five children. She never made us feel like an obstacle or burden to her success. She raised daughters who were not fearful or anxious about becoming mothers, themselves; and felt free and bold to marry and begin families of their own. What a gift to us that is!

She is constantly encouraging and faithful.

She faces adversity and hardship with bravery and an underlying joy. She entrusts her life and the lives of her children to God's tender care.

She honors her husband, my father, in every way. She treats him respectfully and helps him in every way possible, going far beyond her own comfort.

She has been faithful in her marriage for 39 years; faithful as a mother for 37 years; faithful as a grandmother for 12 years; faithful to God since her childhood.

Who has a mother like that?

I do.

And I have definitely sold her short.

We love you Mom, and Happy Mothers Day.
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